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Petrovečki hill.

Location: 46°03'54.2″N 15°56'25.6″E

Petrovečki vineyards are located in the very heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje, on a hill in Mirkovac, close to the Sveti Križ Začretje.
The vineyards are located at an altitude of 260 m above sea level and are oriented to the west - southwest, and the view extends to all 4 sides of Hrvatsko Zagorje.
Due to the favorable location, the grapes receive a high percentage of sugar, which affects the production of quality wines.



"Vina Petrovečki" produces high-quality and premium wines, as well as homemade fruit brandies and liqueurs. Reconstruction of plantations with autochthonous Zagorje varieties Starohrvatska belina and Svetokriška belina is underway.
Our goal is to offer autochthonous varieties of Hrvatsko Zagorje and a unique experience in a wine tasting room on Petrovečki hill.


In 1995, Željko Petrovečki Žac started planting the first vines at the location of today's vineyard.
Over the years, having united about 100 parcels, he reached the number of 60,000 vines of different varieties:
Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Silvanca green, Muscat yellow, Chardonnay, Šipon, Pinot white, Pinot gray, Pinot black and Cabernet Sauvignon.
In 2018, after the retirement of father and founder Željko, son Tomislav took over the family business and continued the production tradition.

Vina-Petrovecki-Željko Petrovečki

Autochthonous varieties of Hrvatsko Zagorje!

Vina Petrovečki - Starohrvatska Belina

Starohrvatska belina.

Old Croatian whiteness had the greatest influence on the development of Western and Central European varieties, whose origin and age are still the subject of numerous scientific researches. In 1999, there was great interest in this variety, when it was discovered that, together with Pinot, it is the parent of as many as 16 French varieties, the most famous of which is Chardonnay. It was later proven, through detailed research, that this variety is the parent of more than 80 varieties in the world.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the variety slowly lost its identity, i.e. it was classified with several similar varieties in the "white" group and slowly disappeared. After the discovery that the variety is the parent of the world-famous Chardonnay in 1999, the search for it also began in Croatia. It was only in 2006, with the initiation of the project "Protection and revitalization of autochthonous varieties of the Hrvatski Zagorje", that Old Croatian belina was identified in several plantations.

Svetokriška belina.

The exact origin of this variety is not known, but it is believed to have originated in the area of Hrvatski Zagorje. Like the Moslavac variety, it was created from the same parent pair, i.e. by crossing the Starohrvatska belina variety and the variety that exists today only in Romania under the name Alba Imputotato. Nowadays, it can only be found in the oldest plantations in the area of Sveto Križ Začretje.
As far as we know today, there is no variety with an identical genotype anywhere in Croatia or elsewhere. The variety was literally saved from extinction by a few found vines.

Vina Petrovečki - Svetokriška Belina

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